Hila is 3 years old

Chemotherapy treatments have not helped Hila; her only chance is an expensive medicine
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20,000 NIS per month
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Cancer doesn't care who it reaches, nor what and who it takes... cancer doesn't care that children have a whole life ahead of them. Hila is only 3 years old, but in her short life she has experienced painful treatments - all in vain. Her last hope is treatment with the drug CABOMETYX. As long as there is a way, we will continue to fight for Hila. The cost of the drug is NIS 20,000 per month of treatment. Hila's parents had already done everything they could and even that wasn't enough. Alone they will lose the battle. When we help others, we feel a feeling of warmth throughout the body, the heart expands and makes us a little happier, despite our daily problems.It is too cruel to know that life depends on money, therefore, we appeal to your kindness and hope to receive your donation. Such and similar stories - where time is critical - appeal to Haverim L'Refuah non-stop. Just in the last month we handled 4 similar cases. That's why we decided to launch a quick initiative to collect the medicines for them, an operation that will allow us to act for Hila and for other patients. We greatly appreciate your kindness, may you always be on the side of the giving .
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    Bank transfer in Israel: On behalf of Haverim L'Refuah, for "Hila, 3 Years Old" Bank Leumi, Branch No. 856 Ahiezer, Account No. 2838795 Bank transfer from abroad: IBAN: IL04 0108 5600 0000 2838 795 Name of the account: HAVERIM LEREFUA SWIFT code: LUMIILITTLV To send a receipt, please send a proof of transfer to: [email protected]
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