How to open a fund

How to open a fund

To open a fund for collecting donations for medication, follow these guidelines. To open the fund for you or your loved ones, it is necessary to schedule a meeting with our representative and bring the following documents:

  • Documents that testify medical condition. 
  • Updated medical material in Hebrew (recent disease summary), including a recommendation for medication or treatment. 
  • Copy of ID. 
  • A brief letter describing the situation of the patient. 
  • Photo, if the fund holder wishes to publish it on the website. Please send the patient’s photo via email to Yael Heller. 
  • Payment request for the intended treatment or recommended medication.
  • 100 NIS for the initial deposit into the fund account. 

When the patient cannot attend personally, a power of attorney is required for checking medical information on behalf of the patient's family member or representative.

Meetings take place by appointment at the following address: 4 Shmuel Hanavi Street, Bnei Brak on Sundays to Thursdays at 11:00 AM in the association's offices. Please contact us to schedule a meeting: 073-2198804 or via email: [email protected]. The introductory conversation, where relevant medical documents will be presented and reviewed, will be conducted in Hebrew only.

During the meeting, you will: 

  • Sign the agreement with Haverim L’Refuah representatives.
  • Open a bank account for the fundraising fund in the name of the patient, managed by the association.
  •  Compose a request letter for fundraising, including the details of the new account and additional ways to donate.
  • Get copies of the letter, the agreement, and receipt books if necessary.

Fundraising will be managed by the patient's family, friends, and relatives. In certain cases, we may offer the option of managing a campaign to raise the required funds for treatment.

How can donations be made to the funds? 

After opening the fund, you can transfer the fund details to those interested in donating independently:

  • Direct deposit to the fund account. 
  • Sending a check to the association's offices. 
  • On the "Friends for Medicine" website in Hebrew or English, via credit card, PayPal

Please note that a receipt for tax purposes will be sent for each donation. This information may be relevant for many donors, so please mention it to them.

What expenses will be covered by the fund's money?

All the funds collected in the fund account will be transferred directly to the treatment center, pharmaceutical company, or treating entity against payment demands and original receipts for the required medical expenses (including retroactive expenses up to one year ago). No refund can be received from the fund for living expenses in the country. 

In cases where the fund's purpose is a medical treatment abroad, the following will also be covered: Flight tickets (as needed) for the patient and accompanying persons. Expenses for issuing passports and/or visas. Accommodation expenses abroad (lodging and transportation) for the patient and accompanying persons, according to a declaration signed by the association's lawyer.

All the donations collected in the fund's account will be at the disposal of the patient. Haverim L’Refuah does not deduct any percentage from the donation. The only external costs to be deducted from the fund are related to the maintenance and management of the account (bank fees and credit card companies). Every person who signs the fund will receive ongoing email reports upon request about the account status.

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