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Our pharmacy, led by Mr. Eli Servernik, Head Pharmacist, is an innovative initiative in Israel, unique worldwide and first of its kind in the developed world. At first glance, it appears to be a regular pharmacy, registered and regulated by the Ministry of Health. The Pharmacy dispenses medicine to patients according to clear and meticulous regulations and only upon presentation of a valid prescription. In essence, it performs all the functions of any other pharmacy in the country.

However, it differs from other pharmacies because it provides medicines free of charge to those in need. How does it work?

As part of its operations, Haverim L'Refuah has established arrangements with pharmaceutical companies in Israel, which supply us with medicine directly from their production lines. This allows us to provide their medicines to those who cannot afford their cost.

What other responsibilities does the pharmacy have?

  • Treatment and dispensing of medication to chronic patients.
  • Treatment and dispensing of expensive medications for patients referred by the expensive drugs department.
  • Management of expensive medicine inventory in hospitals.
  • Mediating the purchase of medications from drug suppliers under improved conditions, without profiting from it.
  • Accepting donations of medications from pharmaceutical companies, drugstores, pharmacies, and medicine rooms.
  • Managing regulatory relationships (Ministry of Health, medication imports, etc.).

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In cooperation with the Pharmaceutical Society of Israel
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