Global emergency aid

International Assistance

Extending a helping hand across borders

Covid-19 Rapid Deployment

The Department for International Aid was established out of the need to provide support for emergencies around the world which requires rapid mobilization.

As the Covid-19 epidemic spiraled and the world went into lock-down, thousands of isolated people did not have access to medicine. Within a few hours, we mobilized hundreds of volunteers who home-delivered medicine, an emergency hotline and a 24/7 response for tens of thousands of patients. We fielded direct inquiries from HMO pharmacies who could not deliver medicine to their patients, and inquiries from the hospitals who could not provide treatment to patients who need to come for treatment and cannot come due to the closures.

In three weeks, the organization helped tens of thousands of inquiries and was a beacon of light in all the initial treatment of Covid-19. Ourquick response and the efficient and professional transportation system served as the basis for the home assistance system for patients established later by the HMOs in Israel.

In recognition, Haverim L'Refuah received the Minister of Health's prizeand many other accolades for their management during the epidemic.


Medicine to War-torn Ukraine

A couple of years later, following the war in Ukraine, hundreds of thousands of refugees fled  their homes, leaving their possessions - and their medicine - behind. We received hundreds of requests for assistance with equipment and medicine, ranging from a single medicine for a child who forgot his inhaler at home to a field hospital that was opened at the border.

Within 12 hours we sent out the first shipment of medicines with the help of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Hatsala organization. Support from pharmaceutical companies and philanthropists resulted in the delivery a huge amount of equipment and enabled immediate assistance at the border.

Medical Assistance to Turkey Earthquake

In February 2023, an earthquake in Turkey left tens of thousands dead and hundreds of thousands injured. Haverim L'Refuah's emergency protocol was up and running within hours, providing volunteers of various charity organizations with medicine and medical equipment.

The International Emergency Department is now internationally renowned, and is our pride and joy.

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