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Living with a chronic illness can be challenging, especially when every month many patients are facing a difficult choice: medicine or food?

Chronic diseases, such as cancer, heart diseases and diabetes require expensive and daily medication. Although people suffering from chronic diseases are entitled to the "chronic patient" status, which makes it easier for them to purchase the monthly medications, many face significant financial hardships and are forced to make difficult choices between essential medications and necessities like food. Some patients have to pay for additional treatments or medications that are not in the 'Health Services Basket' and the purchase of the monthly medication becomes a heavy financial burden.

At Haverim L'Refuah, we firmly believe that no individual should have to forego their medication due to financial constraints. Therefore, we are dedicated to ensuring that essential medicines are accessible to patients. This is accomplished through surplus stock distribution and partnerships with pharmaceutical companies. Every month, numerous chronically ill patients receive their required medications directly at their homes, free of charge. This invaluable service truly saves lives! We strive to respond promptly and respectfully to all applicants.

What do you do with unused medicines and how do you save lives?
Despite the challenge, we can all help. Donating unused medications can help many patients receive their monthly treatment at no cost. If you have unused medicines, you can deposit them at one of our collection points and we will make sure they reach those who need them.

It is also possible to support the chronically ill by making a monthly financial donation. For example, by joining the 'Round Up' initiative, which rounds up your pennies from every purchase you make and donates it to us, enabling us to continue providing chronic patients with monthly support.

Do you need support in purchasing medications for chronic diseases?
If you suffer from a chronic disease, we will be happy to stand by and do everything in our power to make handling the disease easier.
In order to receive a monthly supply of medication, please fill out the medication request form along with a letter from a social worker describing the situation. Our team will review the request, contact you and make every possible effort to help.

The department team, the pharmacy and our volunteers work day and night in order to help you get the medicines and view this as our privilege!

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