Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ensure information reliability and verify cases before contributing?

To open a fund, we meet the patient or their representative, collect their current and past medical records, review relevant documents regarding treatments and medications, and carefully assess the individual's genuine need for assistance.

What percentage of the donations made to the patient do you retain?

100% of your donation is transferred to the patient - and is tax-deductible. We only charge a nominal handling fee of NIS 2.80.

How can I donate to a fund?

On every Save a Life fund page, there are links available for bank transfers as well as online donations through credit cards, Bit, and PayPal.

How can I obtain a receipt for my donation?

We issue tax-deductible receipts for each donation following section 46 of the Israeli tax code. If you donated by bank transfer, please email [email protected] with the donate reference for us to identify the transfer and ensure that you receive your receipt.

If there is remaining money in the fund and the patient does not require it, what happens to the funds?

Any surplus funds in the fund are allocated to other patients in need or used for the organization's activities.

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