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Haverim L'Refuah non-profit organization was established in 2003 from of a vision to provide medicine to anyone who needs it.
Over the years the vision became a reality and today the organization is the largest umbrella organization in its field for providing free medicine, ranging from basic medicines to expensive medicines that are not in the health basket. Tens of thousands of patients receive assistance with medicine every month. The medicines are donated by individuals and by pharmaceutical companies.

We believe that health is the basic right of every person and should not cost money or require bureaucratic efforts. That is why we provide the most support we can, including handling the bureaucratic and legal aspects required to obtain the required medicine.

The Medicine Collection System
In Israel, medicines worth over 500 million NIS are thrown away every year. From simple medicines that cost a few shekels to expensive medicines whose price can reach hundreds of thousands of shekels every month, and even expensive medicines that are not in the medicine basket. These medicines, which can be found in almost every home in Israel, are life-saving for patients who are unable to purchase them or pay their deductible.

For the people who need these medicines, we have set up collection points throughout the country, some of which have the option of delivering refrigerated drugs. That way, with only a slight effort, you can donate unused medicines, and we will make sure to pass them on to those who need them. It's so simple and yet life saving!

Here you can see the list of collection points.

Medicine Sorting and Distribution

Haverim L'Refuah's sorting and distribution center operates as any other pharmacy, according to the law and in accordance with the rules of the Ministry of Health. Donated medicines are received by teams of volunteer pharmacists and professional teams whose job it is to ensure the safety and quality of the medicine. Their sorting is done according to the strict standards of the Ministry of Health. Medicines found to be suitable and valid are transferred to the logistics center for distribution, placed in the hundreds of drawers and shelves of the free pharmacy. Medicines that are invalid or are not suitable for distribution are sent to environmentally-safe disposal - thereby preserving the quality of our ground and water.

The distribution of medicines is a complex craft that combines responsibility, sensitivity, humanity and care. We deal with thousands of applicants on the one hand and with the desire to provide solutions for each applicant so that we can take care of the most needy with a minimum of bureaucracy.

We at Haverim L'Refuah try to do our best so that every patient receives his or her medicine in the most pleasant and professional manner. We do our best to ensure that the medicines reach the homes of patients who cannot afford them, completely free, so that they can use their money to purchase food and basic products.

Expensive Drug Procurement System and the Legal Department

Too often people's lives depend on money and on their ability to deal with bureaucratic roadblocks. Some of the medicines required to treat diseases are very expensive and their cost can reach tens of thousands of shekels per month. This medicine can save lives, but its high price is highly prohibitive. Thus, in addition to the physical and mental struggle, an impossible economic struggle is added.

The Department of Expensive Medicines of Haverim L'Refuah is a multi-faceted center that includes almost every possible assistance. The department's staff receives the referrals and reviews the requests in accordance with the procedures, the department's legal advisors examine the patient's rights and work to obtain initial approval of the medicine from the health maintenance funds and insurance companies. At the same time, we work to obtain the medicines from surplus medicines in the community and, if necessary, the organization opens a crowdfund to raise donations to finance the treatment.

Do you need an expensive medicine that is not in the medicine basket? Here you can get all the information about the Department of Expensive Medicines.

Need legal and bureaucratic support? Want to contribute your knowledge to the patients? Here you can see in detail about the Legal Department.

Collaborations with Pharmaceutical Companies

In establishing the Free Medicine pharmacy, we believe it our mission and duty to connect the pharmaceutical companies to our vision, so that no patient loses their life due to a lack of medicine. Thus, in addition to the medicine collection centers of over 1,200 collection points, the 38 leading pharmaceutical companies in Israel are partners in our mission with the aim of providing assistance to patients who need help.

We are constantly working to deepen our collaborations with Israeli and international pharmaceutical companies and enable more patients to receive the medicine they need.

Crowdfunding Save a Life funds
Every day we receive requests for help in financing life-saving medicines, treatments and surgeries, the cost of which reaches tens of thousands and even millions of shekels. We try to help, to give more hope for every patient who fights and wants to continue living with only financial hardship separating them from hope. Whether it is a complex surgery abroad that is not possible within the framework of the copay, or expensive innovative drugs that are not included in their health plan.
Every application can save a life!

Are you interested in opening a fundraising fund to finance medicines or medical expenses? Please read the instructions for opening the fund.

Interested in donating to someone in need? Any donation will be greatly appreciated! You can see all the active funds here.

Activities for Special-Needs Children and Youth

About 1,200 children, teenagers and young adults with disabilities benefit from the activities of the children's and youth department of Haverim l'Refuah. The organization's volunteers host them and plant hope in the hearts of thousands of children with special needs.

The activities of the children's department can be attended by any sick child, from the age of seven and above, depending on their health condition. The goal of the volunteers, with the help of the National Service volunteers, is to ensure that any child who wishes to, can participate in the activities. The children enjoy events, summer and winter camps, trips in Israel and abroad, Shabbat and holidays celebrated together and other activities that take place all year round.

In addition, the volunteers allow days of rest and relaxation for parents and family members as well, knowing that their children are in safe and loving hands that take care of all their needs.

Interested in volunteering in activities intended for the children of medical friends? Here you can get more details.

Department for International Assistance in Emergency Situations
In times of emergency and distress around the world, we occasionally receive international requests for aid and assistance. The international department operates a call center and an international aid system that operates in creative ways while cooperating with the community in obtaining medicines and medical equipment.

The organization maintains a close relationship with the emergency bodies in Israel, the IDF, the Home Front Command and the Ministry of Health, which makes it possible to come together and find quick solutions in emergency situations. In recent years, the organization has been behind dozens of operations to transfer tons of medical equipment and medicines around the world, which constituted a quick and effective response to life-threatening situations. Here you can learn more about our activities in international emergencies.

Haverim L'Refuah develops and promotes international initiatives for partnerships in everything related to the accessibility and promotion of medicines in the world.

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