Joining forces


Saving Lives Together with Partners

Saving Lives Together

Our strength at "Haverim Le'Refuah" relies on the support of pharmaceutical companies, businesses, and individuals who join us on this journey. Their contributions have provided a lifeline for patients in Israel, and together, we will continue to enhance medicine accessibility throughout the country.


Would you like to make a difference in society and the environment?

Join us by setting up medicine collection points in your company's offices. Together, we can promote medicine recycling, ensuring unused medications reach those in need before expiring. By responsibly disposing of expired medications, we also contribute to a healthy environment.

We will provide guidance and collection spots for the medicines. All you have to do is discard the unused medicine in the designated container. Together, let's create a positive social and environmental impact!

 We appreciate our current and future partners for their invaluable support.

Partnering with Pharmaceutical Companies

Leading Corporations in Israel

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