Since its establishment in 1987, Gileadhas been working for a healthier world for people and finding solutions for unmet medical needs. In the spirit of this vision, Gilead invests in the development of medical breakthroughs that were previously considered impossible. Gilead has developed more than 25 drugs that aim to improve the treatment of some of the most difficult-to-treat conditions and in some cases even lead to a cure. In doing so, Gilead was able to reach millions of people around the world.

In our fight against the world's most dangerous diseases, we set ourselves ambitious goals - and achieve them. The vision that stands before our eyes is the creation of a healthier world for all, and this means the development of innovative treatments that will give patients new hope, wide accessibility of our treatments to people facing or at risk of life-threatening diseases, as well as fighting inequality in the field of health and barriers that prevent access to medical services.

Thanks to our ambition, we were able to find a cure for hepatitis and support the creation of a revolution in the field of AIDS treatment and prevention. Our work over the past 35 years, which has included groundbreaking accessibility programs, has helped and continues to help improve the health of millions of people around the world. Our innovative developments provide assistance to people suffering from a variety of diseases and health problems including cancer, viral hepatitis, AIDS (HIV) and Corona. Our 15,000 employees all over the world know that working at Gilead means a real ability to impact patients' lives.

Today, we continue to work to find a cure for other viral diseases and even for certain types of cancer. We stand at the forefront of the effort to eradicate the AIDS epidemic throughout the world, and work with determination to achieve this goal. Our ambition is to provide patients with all the best products of scientific innovation, whether it is innovative antiviral treatments, revolutionary ways to treat cancer or new drugs for inflammatory diseases. We continue to expand our areas of activity in order to help as many patients as possible.

We can achieve these goals with the help of investing in groundbreaking scientific research, cooperation with entities that share our vision, as well as expanding access and neutralizing social barriers to receiving medical treatment. Expanding operations also means taking a broader view of our responsibilities to society, the communities we aim to serve and the environment in which we work. At the heart of our activity are our teams and the organizational culture we are building, where different opinions and beliefs are accepted and where each person can develop on a personal and professional level, and together, we all create and are part of creating change for the patients and communities we serve.

We know that the goals we set today can become tomorrow's breakthroughs. At Gilead we stick to our goals with loyalty and courage, united in our vision to improve the quality of life of patients and create a healthier world for future generations.

Gilead Israel was established in January 2016 with the aim of improving the quality of life of patients in Israel. From the beginning, we believed that the only way to achieve these goals is by becoming the partner of choice, for any organization or person in the health worlds, who identify with our vision. We cooperate with the Ministry of Health, the health funds, the hospitals, the medical teams and the patient organizations - all for the sake of the patients and their families. We believe that collaboration is the key to realizing a vision of a healthier society and maximizing patient support. This goal will continue to lead us and be reflected in the daily work of the Gilead Israel team members, in our investment in collaborations, in programs to raise awareness of diseases, in making medicines accessible and in empowering patients.

Together with our patients and partners, we will continue to make the impossible possible in Israel.

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