Meds on Bikes

Delivering urgent medicine directly to the patient

This year, Haverim delivered over 7,000 packages of free medicine to people in need all over Israel every month. We help a wide variety of people in need: elderly Holocaust victims; IDF veterans – among them soldiers with PTSD and other health issues; children and more. We receive a phone call for help every five minutes in average.

Haverim L'Refuah's Meds by Bike Project takes the Free Pharmacy out from our offices directly to the people in need. The motorcycles deliver medicine that is urgent, expensive or requires refrigeration directly to the person's home or hospital bed.

Each motorbike is equipped with a ‘Cool Meds’ cooler box - special containers that meet the strictest Ministry of Health criteria for pharmaceutical storage and transfer. Every cooler box includes a GPS system for real-time tracking of each package of medicine, the time it was delivered to the patient and a temperature gauge to maintain and monitor a fixed temperature, so vital in Israel's hot climate. The motorbikes then deliver the packages of free medicine to the patients.

The medicine we deliver is donated by the major pharmaceutical companies, or gathered in one of our hundreds of collection centers, where it is rigorously sorted by our volunteer pharmacists, and then prepared for delivery to the patient. Expired drugs are sent to professional (‘green’) disposal.

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