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Because everybody deserves to get the medicine they need

The road to obtaining a cure can be very long. We need to join forces and reach out by any means we have to get the life-saving medicine you need.

One of the most effective tools is using the media and social networks. The ability to address the public, to convey information quickly and efficiently, to allow sharing - this is the power of the masses.

There is so much good in the world! We see it every time we want to share the case, or try to reach someone who has the medicine but no longer needs it, or try to explain the extent of the distress. You - the individual, the journalist, the opinion leader anywhere and at any time, thanks to you another human being receives a cure, you are a symbol of care and mutual help, of kindness and our unity.

We invite you to be part of a life-saving social network and share life-saving information!

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