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Legal Aid Department

The Department of Advocacy for Medical Treatments

It's not easy to be ill, and it's even harder to be a patient whose medicine or treatment is not on the Israeli Drug Registry. Thus, patients battling illnesses are forced to fight large systems, paperwork, and bureaucracy.

The Department of Advocacy for Medical Treatments assists patients in focusing on their health and dealing with the bureaucracy that separates the patient from the much-needed medicine. The department's legal team accompanies the patient in all legal matters related to obtaining medication or treatment. The legal advisors, led by Attorney Yael Friedel, examine the patient's rights for initial approval of the medicines with health funds in Health Maintenance Organization (HMO - 'Kupat Holim') committees and with insurance companies. In many cases, the Department accompanies the patient to court to obtain special approval for accessing the medicine through the HMO and eventually to include the medicine on the Israeli Drug Registry. 

The Department of Advocacy for Medical Treatments has helped hundreds of patients receive the rights and medical treatment they deserve from their HMOs and insurance companies. At the head of the department stands its founder and manager, Mrs. Shira Halphon. Additionally, the Department has highly experienced legal consultants who volunteer their time.


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