We Are Green

Protecting our Ground and Water

Environmental Sustainability

The environment belongs to all of us, and we each have a responsibility to ensure its well-being.

At Haverim L'Refuah, we are committed to maintaining a clean and healthy environment, mainly the ground and water in the State of Israel.

We take our commitment to sustainability seriously, and have integrated an efficient and eco-friendly process to our process:

Every package of medicine donated to our organization goes through rigorous testing. Valid medicine is computerized and then shelved in our pharmacy, for imminent distribution to a person in need. However 80% of the medicines received are not valid. Their paper inserts and cardboard packaging are recycled, and the out-of-date medicines are sent to environmentally-friendly disposal.

With thought to minimizing our environmental footprint, all medicines delivered via our Mobile Pharmacy and ‘Bikes4Meds’ motorbikes are delivered in reusable containers.


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