Rare Medicine Department

Making Rare Medicines Common

Our Department of Rare Medicine assists patients in obtaining innovative medicines that are not available in Israel. These can be medicines that have not received approval in Israel or medicines that are still in the research phase and yet to be available for patient use. When a patient requires a rare medicine, the team of the Department of Rare Medicine works tirelessly to identify the rare medicine and find a way to bring it to Israel.

Many of these innovative medicines have the potential to save lives, improve the quality of life for patients, and offer new treatment options for diseases that were previously untreatable. The dedicated work of the department has successfully streamlined numerous bureaucratic processes, leading to faster approval and registration of these medicines in Israel. The department's work ensures patients have access to the latest medicines, regardless of where they were developed.

In need of a medicine that has not yet been registered in Israel?

If you require a medicine that is still in the development stages or not available in Israel, we will make every effort to ensure that you receive the necessary treatment.

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