Meet the Visionaries


Driven by compassion

In 2003, a dedicated coalition of volunteers and visionary businessmen embarked on a mission to establish an organization that could provide invaluable aid to individuals ensnared in the clutches of medical crises. Spearheaded by the late Rabbi Yechiel Landman and Rabbi Baruch Lieberman, the inception of Haverim L'Refuah marked the genesis of a truly innovative and inspiring initiative.

Commencing with a humble cadre of individual volunteers, the organization rapidly garnered momentum, successfully enlisting fresh talents and compassionate hearts to its cause. This collective effort yielded an impressive outcome—thousands of individuals received critical medications, thanks to the resolute actions of the association.

Presently, the legacy endures, as the association continues to extend its compassionate reach to thousands each month, facilitating vital access to medications for those in dire need. Guided by the unwavering vision of its founders, Haverim L'Refuah employs diverse strategies to ensure that no individual is left devoid of essential medication.

Baruch Liberman

Founder & Current Executive Director

Rabbi Yechiel Landmann

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