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Haverim l'Refuah collects valid medicines that are no longer used from private individuals, institutions and companies all over Israel. The medicines are collected volunteers and are delivered to the organization's medicine routing center, where they are sorted and checked by qualified pharmacists, entered into the organization's computerized database and housed under pharmacy conditions.

To Open Your Own Crowdfund
  • Hadas S.

    Hadas S.

    Hades was born with Noonan syndrome, urgently needs an operation in the US
  • guy

    Guy Bismut

    Guy, father of two small children was diagnosed with cancer and needs expensive medicine
  • Raphael Amram

    Rafael Amram

    Diagnosed with brain cancer, Raphael urgently needs an expensive life-saving drug
  • Golan Yaniv

    Golan Yaniv

    41 year-old father of three, diagnosed with ALS
  • Passover Tzeddakah

    Tzeddakah for Passover

    Why 7,000?
  • Grow up

    What Will They Be When They'll be Grown Up?

    Let's Find Out Together!
  • Tzahi

    Tzahi Yaakovi

    Help save Tzachi's leg from amputation
  • Tal'Or

    Tal'Or Green

    Tal'Or is dealing with complex trauma and anxiety
  • Tzvi

    Zvi Turkov

    Zvi, 52, the father of an IDF soldier and a 15-year-old boy, needs expensive treatment in Germany
  • Noa and Assaf

    Noa and Assaf need medicine

    Noa, 15 years old, Assaf, 12 years old, and others need Keytruda
  • גולדי

    Goldie Rubenstein

    19-year-old Goldie has been subjected to severe violence since her birth and now needs expensive treatmentSingle female
  • Bareket

    Bareket Avraham

    Bareket was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor and needs expensive treatment in Germany
  • Moshe Z.

    Moshe Z.

    Moshe was diagnosed about 3 years ago with cancer and now needs an expensive, life-saving medicine.
  • Michal Asher

    Michal (Asher) Chudy

    Michal, married and mother of two daughters, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and needs expensive treatment to save her life.
  • Michal

    Michal Sinwani

    Michal, mother of eight, has been diagnosed with metastatic cancer and needs an expensive medicine that costs NIS 53,000 per month
  • yoav Cohen

    Yoav Cohen

    Yoav was diagnosed with an aggressive tumor and needs expensive medicine
  • Bailey

    Bailey Levi

    Bailey was diagnosed with metastatic cancer and needs expensive medicine
  • Fight
    Five patients are fighting for their lives and need an expensive medicine.
  • Rachel Shenhav

    Rachel Shenhav

    Rachel was diagnosed with cancer and urgently needs an expensive drug that costs $2,300 per month
  • Vita

    Vita Cohen

    Her cancer has worsened: she urgently needs life-saving medicine!
  • Gdalia

    Gadalia Winafel

    Gadalia needs expensive treatment
  • At war

    Reservists, evacuees and needy people across Israel

    Mobilizing together to supply medicines and medical equipment
  • Michael Stratsenkov

    Michael Stratsenkov

  • Karen Amiel

    Karen Amial

    Karen was diagnosed with liver melanoma - an expensive medicine can save her life!
  • Liora

    Liora Brurian-Nissan

    Liora was diagnosed with metastasized breast cancer and needs an expensive, life-saving medicine
  • Geula

    Geula Marks

    23-year-old young Geula was diagnosed with lung cancer and needs a life-saving medicine!
  • Ruth

    Ruth Hota

    Ruth was diagnosed with cancer and her condition has gotten worse. The medicine that may save her life costs NIS 42,519 per month.
  • אייל בן נעים

    Eyal Ben Naim

    Eyal, the father of 2 little girls, was diagnosed with stomach cancer.
  • Naya

    Naya, we are with you

    aya, 17 years old, was diagnosed with melanoma cancer and needs expensive treatment at a cost of 28,000 per month
  • Chronic

    A crowdfund to purchase medicine for the chronically ill

    Medicine or food? This is a question no one should be asking
  • Carmit

    Carmit Mor

    Needs an urgent lung transplant due to COPD
  • Shlomo

    Shlomo B.

    Shlomo needs an expensive medicine that may save his life
  • Chaya

    Cohen Chaya Paz

    Chaya Paz was diagnosed with metastatic cancer and needs expensive medicine
  • Leah

    Leah Rizal

    Leah needs a very expensive operation
  • Hezi

    Shahani Yehezkel (Hezi) David

    Hezi was diagnosed with advanced cancer and needs a life-saving drug
  • Guy Z

    Guy Zelikson

    Young Guy has cancer and needs private treatments
  • Girls

    Aid fund for victims of sexual assault

    Dozens of girls and women who were severely assaulted in their childhood need long-term psychological and psychiatric treatment at high cost
  • tom1

    Tom David Kalman Hillel

    ittle Tom needs urgent heart transplant
  • Padsev

    Roni, Shmuel, Ze'ev and Uriel

    Roni, Shmuel, Ze'ev and Uriel, ALL aged 50 and over with aggressive bladder cancer
  • Ludmila

    Ludmila Etienne

    Ludmila needs treatment for endometrial cancer
  • Retevmo


    Mali, a little girl needs the drug RETEVMO for cancer
  • Monica

    Monica Moreno

    Monica needs treatments for cancer that has deteriorated
  • Lior and Noam

    Lior and Noam need Alesensa, an expensive medicine that is not in their health insurance
  • 3-year old May

    3-year-old May

    3-year-old Mai suffers from a rare genetic syndrome
  • Tamodel

    Shiri and other patients

    Temodal medicine for Shiri and other patients
  • ויטה

    Avi, Noa and Moran

    Avi, Noa and Moran dream of growing up like any healthy child
  • Gila

    Gila Boyom

    Gila was diagnosed with a rare, stage 3 cancer
  • A crowdfund to purchase medicine for chronic diseases
    Medicine or food? This is a dilemma we believe no one should face
  • Tom Novikov

    Tom Novikov

    Stem-cell transplant for a 5-year old child
  • Leanne

    Leanne Ben Eliezer

    Only expensive medical treatment abroad can stop Leanne's disease
  • Naya
  • Yonatan Porat

    Yonatan Porat

    Jonathan fell ill at the age of 8.5 with a progressive disease due to a genetic mutation
  • Orly Manos

    Orly Manos

    Orly collapsed when pregnant in 2012
  • Zohar Yosef

    Zohar Yosef

    Zohar suffers from multiple sclerosis and needs an expensive autologous bone marrow transplant
  • Nikita Orlov

    Nikita Orlov

    Injured in a road accident, in need of expensive treatments
  • Save the lives of 4 Cancer Patients
    For metastisized, aggressive cancer
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