Just before you throw your medicine in the trash, STOP. Medicine you no longer need could save someone else's life!

Hundreds of millions of shekels - this is the unbelievable value of medicines that are thrown away in Israel every year. Some of them are life-saving drugs that are not included in the national insurance. This is exactly what is behind Super-Pharm's cooperation with Haverim L'Refuah for the past seven years, and which makes it possible to offer the millions of customers who visit its branches the option of donating used medicines that are still valid.

Today, many thousands of Israelis are forced to give up essential medicines for life-threatening chronic diseases, or medicines for serious illnesses such as cancer just because their cost can reach hundreds of thousands of shekels per year, and they are not provided their health insurance.

This is exactly why Super-Pharm made it a point to make available to the general public a medicine collection container in each of its 285 branches that are open around the clock. Our goal is first of all to give hope and help to financially needy patients, who need these medicines but cannot afford them.

The satisfaction that this collaboration brings both to customers who save another person with a medicine they no longer need, and to the pharmacy staff is priceless. We are proud to take part in such a significant and life-saving project.

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